While our college is centrally located in the heart of Melbourne city, our students travel from all corners of the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Students are supported in travelling to VCD through the Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP). To be eligible for transport assistance, students must live a minimum of 4.8km from the school.

 Taxi travel

  • A number of our students travel to the college on group taxis. The taxis will pick up and drop off students at a neutral location. Parents must be at the pick-up location to collect their child.
  • To receive taxi travel, the school and family must make an application to the Student Transport Unit. Applications can take up to one month to process.
  • Approval will be subject to travel distance, and availability on the taxi run.
  • If a student moves home address and requires a new pick up location, the application process must begin again.
  • Secondary school students will begin to transition off the taxi service and into independent public transport travel as appropriate. Learning to travel independently is extremely important for our students’ growth and independent living skills.

Public transport travel

  • VCD students could be eligible for free myki travel, funded through the SDTP. To be eligible, students must live at least 4.8 km from school, and not be accessing the taxi service.

Private car travel

  • If a parent wishes to drive their child to school themselves, they could be eligible for a small sum of money to put towards petrol expenses. To be eligible, students must live at least 4.8 km from the college. 

For more information about the Students with Disabilities Transport Program, visit: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/parents/additional-needs/Pages/disability-school-transport.aspx#link98