From 2023, Victorian College for the Deaf students in the senior school (Year 10 to Year 12) are expected to bring a laptop/notebook device to school.

Why do students need a device?

Our world is increasingly digital, and it is crucial that students learn the intricacies of using technology for the purposes of study and work. Proficiency in digital technology is particularly important for Deaf students, as it will provide significant opportunities for accessibility and communication throughout their lives.

Additionally, many subjects at VCD require constant use of device technology. Students access their school work and upload assessments in Google Classroom, utilise Microsoft applications to complete homework and assignments, and communicate with their teachers and classmates in online spaces.

BYOD Options

  1. Purchase a recommended device through the VCD JB Hi-fi BYOD portal. When purchasing through the portal, insurance, warranty and repairs can be managed through the school.
  2. Purchase a recommended device through another supplier. When purchasing using this option, parents will need to manage warranty and repairs themselves.
  3. Bring a suitable device from home if the student already owns one. Parents will need to manage warranty and repairs themselves.


How do I purchase a device?

There is no requirement that new devices be obtained from any particular supplier or company. However, to assist families VCD has set up a device portal through JB Hi-fi.

The portal offers four options for recommended devices at different price points.

Advantages of purchasing through the VCD BYOD JB Hi-fi portal:

  • Ensures your child’s device is suitable for use at VCD
  • Warranty and any paid insurance can be managed through VCD – if a device you purchased on the portal has an issue, the school can assist you in fixing it
  • VCD will loan your child a laptop while their laptop is being repaired

Even if you decide to obtain a device from somewhere other than the VCD BYOD JB Hi-Fi portal, it is worth looking at the portal to get an indication of appropriate devices and costs.

Do students require a new device?

Students are not required to purchase a new device. Students may already have a device that will be suitable.

What software can the college provide me for my BYOD at no cost?

VCD can provide access to Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, for the duration of a student’s enrolment at the college.

Using the BYOD portal

Instructions to access the VCD BYOD JB Hi-fi portal are available here. Please note, you will need to use the login details on the PDF.

BYOD Recommendations

To gain a better understanding of what devices are and aren’t suitable for school use, view this helpful table.