School Council Elections 2021

Nominations are now open for vacant parent and student positions on the VCD School Council.

This is a great opportunity to contribute and shape the future directions of the college.

Nominations close at 4:00pm on Monday 1 March and forms are available below, by phoning the college on 9510 1706 or on the website.

Please contact Curtis Yildirim ( if you would like further information.




Role of the school council
Victorian College for the Deaf school council make decisions that set the direction of the school. They:
– help create and check the school’s budget
– contribute to the school strategic plan
– make decisions on policies like investments, payments by parents, dress code.

School councils usually have between six and 15 members and include:
– the principal, who is the executive officer
– parents who are chosen through an election
– a school or Department staff member
– a student, if the school has year 7 students and above.
– Some councils also have community members who are chosen by the council. These members have special knowledge or experience in the local community.

Becoming a school council member
Being a school council member means taking part in shaping the future of the school. You will need to attend meetings and may need to develop new skills.

In most cases you need to be elected to become a council member. Elections happen by March each year and all parents and guardians from the school can vote.

If you’re elected, you can choose to be a council member for one or two years.

The process is:
– The principal will announce an election in late February or early March. They will provide a form or other way to nominate.
– Complete the form or reply to the principal by the deadline.
– If there are more nominations than vacant positions, a vote will happen.
– The principal will run the vote and announce the outcome.

Meeting dates 2021

2021 meeting dates for Victorian College for the Deaf school council are as follows:

Monday 16th March
Monday 18th May
Monday 22nd June
Monday 10th August
Monday 14th September
Monday 19th October
Monday 23rd November