Extra-curricular subjects are offered either on campus at the College, Distance Education, through integrated classes at Wesley College or accessed through other schools.

The Victorian Certificate of Education or VCE is the credential awarded to secondary school students who successfully complete high school level studies (Year 11 and 12 or equivalent) in the State of Victoria, Australia. Study for the VCE is usually completed over two years, but it can be spread over a longer period. Students complete a minimum number of five subjects to receive an ATAR score, which enables entry to university or TAFE.

All VCE units require minimum of 50 hours of class time. 85 % attendance is expected of all students unless their absence is approved with a medical certificate.  Students can study up to 23 or 24 units. To pass VCE, students are expected to complete 16 units of VCE studies that include:

  • Three units from the English group, at least one unit at Unit 3 or 4.
  • Three sequences on Unit 3 and 4 studies ( or VET equivalent) other than English

To achieve VCE, the student must gain S – Satisfactory in at least 16 units. 8 must be Unit 3 & 4 sequences. Only Unit 3 & 4 scores are graded for ATAR.

To study Unit 3 & 4, students must demonstrate the ability to complete Unit 1 & 2.

Unit 1 & 2 are assessed on two levels. S or NS ( Satisfactory or Non Satisfactory) by your  VCE teacher.

Unit 3 & 4 are assessed as S or NS similar to Year 11. The student will do SACs and SATs. Scores will be sent to VCAA who will make a statistical assessment against the GAT and added to your examination results (end of year exams)

Students at Victorian College for the Deaf can study some VCE units on campus at VCD, and others at Wesley College (with interpreter and teacher support) or via the Polycom system, which can access schools around Victoria. It is recommend that students complete their studies over three years, to enable them to have extra time for follow up and support in their various subjects.

VCE requirements

  • 85% attendance
  • Responsible time management and strong work ethics
  • Homework
  • Schoolwork submitted on time